Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Know, I know!

I am late with your boy kit, but I really do have a good reason....
my DH got me an Atomic Cupcake subscription for my birthday, and I can do so many cool things with the actions, that I decided to add some fab stuff to the kit, but then my SIL decided that I needed to have 3 of her 4 kids for my entire birthday/anniversary weekend so I have had NO time to be on th computer at all. She is picking up the kids tonight at 8pm, so hopefully I will be able to get this kit zipped up for you and ready to go by tomorrow morning.
Can you ever forgive me????

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Cher said...

Hi Rachel!
You crack me up - you must be so excited - and your mind must be all over the place - I know I would be a nut! So excitecd for you! I don't think a few days will hurt anyone - after all - you are giving us a gift, so it would be rather rude for someone to be upset by it, right?! JUst take care of you - and nice to "meet" you!
Cher~Austin, TX