Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hacked By Death

So, imagine my surprise when I clicked the link to show my cousin my blog, and Blogger kindly told me it no longer existed.....hmmm.
When I clicked the "view" link in my dashboard, it pointed to my blog, sort of. All the stuff was still there, but the web address had been changed to "hackedbydeath" at
What in the world was the point of that? It took me 2 minutes to change my password and re-name the page. There isn't any personal info on here for anyone. It doesn't point anywhere important, like paypal or banking or whatever. All it did was cause me 2 seconds of irritation. I'd love to know what genius thought that one up, someone should give them a button or something...LOL
Anyway, if you noticed I was gone, I'm back, and if you didn't I imagine you are not alone.
Watch here for more freebie action soon!


HapEScrapr said...

I noticed you were gone and wondered what happeded. Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

That is awful! I dont understand why someone is doing this. I am glad you are back -- love your stuff :)

KrisG said...

LOL, I noticed!!!! I thought you shut down your blog. I have you in my "fav scrapbook sites" and check here daily... or used to! Glad you're back!