Sunday, October 14, 2007


You guys are so sweet, thanks for your lovely comments on my newest kit (and the other ones too). It made me glad I shared it instead of sending it off to the recycle bin...LOL
On that subject, you don't have to leave comments every time. I figure if you download it, you like it. If you really love it and you want to tell me how much, or thanks, or whatever that is fab, and always appreciated, but please don't feel obligated to leave me a TFS comment every time you DL one of my kits. I know that most other designers ask for it, and I get where they are coming from, but if you DL , like I DL, 3 or 4 seconds per freebie ends up being another 30 minutes that I could be spending scrapping something with a kit I just got.
So, yes, if you are truly taken aback by one of my creations, or you make something with it you want to share a link to, or you have gotten a bunch of stuff from me and want to say thanks for it all, leave me some love. If you want to leave a TFS just because, I will love that too, but if you love it, and grab it, and don't want to speak up, that's cool too.
Again, Thank You for visiting, and liking my stuff, and sending me sweet comments. I should have another kit out for you guys soon...think winter and metallic, hint hint...LOL

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BelindasScrapz said...

Thank you for understanding sometimes there is not a lot of time..but I usually comment while I am doing the d.l in another window. I very much appreciate your work and your kits you have been so kind to share with us. I am so short on money the only way I can digi scrap is with free kits or making my own and my computer is to slow for that and old..